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Madita Böer is a shamanic Teacher and Artist.
She walks the path of the peruvian Pampa Mesayoq.
Stepping up for her own call to learn from the elder wisdom keepers, she inspires to rediscover your own relation to Mother Earth, to expand your selfimage, to heal your body and walk a magical Path of truth and effortless creativity.

Call of Mother Earth

Der Ruf von Mutter Erde

Her book „Der Ruf von Mutter Erde“ (Call of Mother Earth) touched thousands of readers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They call Madita an embassador of Mother Earth. Her words and especially her voice create a space where we can remember and reconnect.

published 2020
2023 second Edition
Hardcover, 256 Sites
ISBN: 978-3-442-34262-4

“Mama Ocean clears my emotions”

Voice and Sound

Maditas professional career started as a sound engineer for theatre and live concerts. She studied music-science and spanish literature in Germany.
As a musician and sound-technician, she worked on stage and backstage for over seven years, always with the desire to create an atmosphere of supreme sound and atmospheric experience.
After a life changing crises in her early twenties, Madita stopped her stage career and went on a healing quest to heal her body and soul. Since 2010 she is focussed on healing skills taught by the andean Shamans. Additionally she was trained in several massage techniques and passed the exam of psychological naturetherapist.
Today Madita shares her Medicine in her Shamanic School (Mesa School), in Retreats and Workshops as well as on Stage, where she combines shamanic Healingwork with powerful Speaking and Prayers.

open my Heart!”


Pachamama is calling to remind us who we are!
“As Pampa Mesayok, I hold an altar of light—a mesa. In this bundle of medicine stones lies the secret of our relationship with the earth. My bundle is the fire of memory and it carries the ancient knowledge of a world where everything around us is alive. Come with me on a journey to the roots of the Andean shamanic tradition and discover who else you can be when you expand your universe.”

The world of Andean shamanic tradition awaits you in the Mesa School.

“Pachamama is the Door to my Soul.”

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