Living your Dreams

How do you want to live and work?
How do you want to feel in your life?
Which dreams do you want to live?

The Souljourney is a group coaching journey into your wildest dreams and desires in life.
Powerful shamanic ceremonies combined with healing meditations, inspiring teachings and exquisite guest lecturers.
A magical 5 month online journey that will help you consciously reflect your current life, change it and finally live what serves your heart longings.

“The wilder
your dreams are,
the bigger your fears get,
the more potential lies
dormant within you.”

Lets find out, what makes you happy

I wanna be more happy.
I whish I could be more free.
I want to find my path in life.
I want to do Art.
I want to travell the world.

I’m Madita, a shamanic teacher, coach and author. The Souljourney is my new heart project in which I support you to live your dreams and finding your personal way of growth and happiness!

This program is about understanding how every aspect of your Life is accumulating into your degree of happiness, health, lightness and your sense of inner fullfillment. To increase your feelings of joy and inner peace, we need to talk about your alignment with your inner truth.

Your inner truth is always there, but sometimes its covered by ideas, concepts, fears and learned selfimages and you don´t feel it. To expand your shinyness, we need to have a look at different aspects of your life.
The main reason of not living your biggest amount of peace, joy, health and fulfillment is mostly a lack of selfknowledge.
Beside all skills you learned – Do you know what your superpower is?
As soon as you get to know your superpower, Life becomes so easy. All your decisions will align with you.
The Souljourney is a trip into the landscape of your being to discover who you are and what you are passionate about, what dreams lift you upm what settings you need and how to bring all that into your Life.

Regaining your inner truth is the key for your happiness

Let´s have a real talk about your status quo and what is not working for you in your life
Let´s discover your gifts and talents
Let´s talk about your wildest dreams in life
Let´s find a personalized ways of your financial freedom and how much you really need in Life
Let´s talk about what professional fulfillment is for you
Let´s grow your connection with yourself to truly feel more selflove and selfworth

Souljourney Program

5 Month Group Coaching
18 Live Webinars (44 h in total)
Shamanic Ceremonies | Meditationen | Live Healings | Teachings | Hot-Seats
Souljourney Teams
Connect with like-minded people and support and witness each other in your growth
Selfreflective Questionaires, Handouts and space for notes create this wonderful companion
Exclusive Memberarea
Revisit all Live-Recordings, repeat ceremonies as needed, review lectures

What is your Souls Path?

Are you longing to feel fulfilled in your life?
To feel that you are valuable and that you create a “meaning of life” with your being, your life and actions?

Ask yourself the question
Am I living the treasures that are within me?
Am I a barrel full of unfulfilled longings?

There is no “ THE one Souls Path” for you to find.
Walking your Soulspath is rather about listening your inner truth within, creating a Life that hold space for your superpower, your inner medicine.
Everything that amplifies your light, nourishes you, belongs to you.
Every Choice of made by your inner trtuh, becomes your Souls Path.

Along our Souljourney you are lead through teachings and ceremonies to cleanse your glas of water where you will recognize your inner light. You´ll receive a wide range Toolbox to transform all areas of your life again and again.
Walking your Souls Path means constantly reflecting and adjusting, in order to strengthen your inner Truth and to always take the paths that inspire and nourish you.

What would change in your life?

What is no longer serving in your life?
If fears and belief patterns keep preventing you from living your wildest dreams, then you can put an end to it here and finally set off for the new.
I don’t promise you an easy journey – but a healing journey.
Your level of fulfillment and well-being in your life depends on how connected you are and how much you truly express yourself in your life.
Are you ready to significantly increase this proportion, to feel yourself more and to live yourself?

Join our Souljourney Community.
An unforgettable 5 months await you.

Living your wildest dreams

In the Souljourney we go on a treasure hunt. To bring your light into the world, you must know what your wildest dreams are.
Your dreams indicate your medicine, your gifts.
The wilder and unrealistic your dreams are, the more unused potential lies dormant within you!
But raising your potential is also work. It is a path of change, of self-healing, of confronting your biography and your belief patterns and fears.
The Souljourney picks you up where you are right now.
It is a path of inner development and outer change.

The Souljourney is a small Group-Mentoring Program which helps you to grow and to come closer to your inner truth.
We love to get to know you. We are excited to find out what your superpower is – by personal talk, by hotseats, by live interaction, by seeing eachother in the meeting.
We are not one of those anonym 200 Person Online webinars, that promise you “Building your 10K Spiritual Business in 5 months”. F**k that.
We are up for heartbased, personal growth company.

Let me be your Souljourney Coach

“Madita, I don’t know anyone who
feels as comfortable in change as you do!”

“Madita, you are so honest – do you know, how pure you are?”

“Madita, you really live what you teach. This is why I trust you so much!”

I’m Madita
My medicine is
truth and creativity.
My expression is
my freedom in permanent change
and my voice.

In my mid-twenties I began my shamanic path and healed myself as a chronic pain patient.
Tinnitus is not curable? Not true.
After healing my body, I was able to take a closer look at my professional life and shape it. I dared to dream boldly. I dreamed to open a shamanic school and to write a book.
I have sold several thousand books since 2020 and have two full training groups every year at the Mesa School, where I train shamanic healers.

I consciously chose my financial freedom, my lifestyle and my work-life balance and walked away from the common nine-to-five employee model:
I need flexibility with time and money to travel, because my shamanic medicine is constantly nourished by visiting sacred places in the world.

I know exactly how much money I need per month for my lifestyle and I take care of it.
Endless prosperity is not my goal, but rather well-being, joy and the expression of my creativity.
My professional success is based on my well-being.
And my well-being comes from living my dreams, from my positive vibes and from a huge amount of self-care, expressed sexuality and self-knowledge, which I also had to learn first.

Life is short and precious and I only want to leave good traces and memories on Earth.
Just luck?
No, focused with clarity, well planned, implemented with perseverance and courageously persued with a huge amount of flexibility and trust. Always following my inner truth as my inner compass.
I bring with me eleven years of experience as an independent entrepreneur, my experience as an employed managing director and fourteen years of professional experience as a shamanic teacher and healer.
Leadership, finances, planning, foresight and the courage to be wild can be learned to blossom.
You need a lot of skills to make your dreams come true,
but above all self-knowledge and someone who will show you what is possible as a lifestyle!

When life hits you hard!
Even though I am a master of making my dreams come true.
– I am a widow too.
I lost my husband at thirty-nine and experienced a lot of grief and pain. At that time I already had my shamanic toolbox with all my healing skills. Over the course of two years I prayed in many ceremonies and pilgrimages. I questioned everything I had built up to date. I healed myself – again through change. I went through a radical and unwanted farewell to my previous life and myself.

During this time I was already a role model and even a coach for others in grief.
“How does she do that?”
“Strong woman, she did it!”
Yes, I accomplished a lot, experienced a lot and held and navigated very well.
Even if I don’t know what’s coming, I’m ready to transform again and again, to surrender and to follow my truth. I’ve done it many times and that’s why I can do it again and again. With my strengths of permanent transformation, my creativity and wealth of ideas, I can inspire you with solutions and ways, and through providing healing support in your personal process of change and inner truth.
That is my medicine.

Let me pass on my range of tools, techniques and experiences to you so that you too can navigate your Souljourney, living your dreams and build strong resilience for whatever comes.

Getting on the Waitlist for the Souljourney Jan 2025

The Souljourney is a program for a small group of people to grow.
We love to create a space with personal flaire, with beautiful group experiences and sharing circles, where everybody has a voice.
So the Spots for the Souljourney are limited.

Souljourney Teachers

Linda Freimuth

Mama, Digital Nomad, Writer, Marketing-Expert

Madita Böer

Shamanic Teacher, Writer

Emilie Cresp

Creative Director, Writer, Marketing Expert


#1 Month

Everything starts with your inner Truth.
With the help of a detailed inventory you will find out how your inner landscape is shaped and what is honestly not working for you in Life. You will receive the wisdom of navigating your balance and decisions with the Souljourney Compass. Shamanic Ceremonies will help you to reconnect with your Dreams and plant strong Seeds for our path.
We will work with
The big inventory of your Life
The Souljourney Compass for navigating your Balance
Expansion and Nervoussystem Regulation
Boundaries and conscious decision-making
Learning to hold Space for your internal processes
The 7 biggest Fears that keep you in handbrake-mode
Permissions & Commitment
Shamanic Ceremonies that work on a non-logical level to reconnect with your Heart

#2 Month

This second month is all about freeing your power that is stocked in your Body.
We will work with
Dismantling your limiting beliefs
Healing emotional wounds and storages
Inner Team Work
Selflove and Selfworth
Shamanic Ceremonies that work on a non-logical level will help you to reconnect to your inner state of innocence and pureness.

#3 Month

This month is about Healing your Biography in shamanic Ceremonies.
A full month of ceremonies awaits you to establish a deep sense of freedom and peace within yourself.
We will work with:
ancient shamanic practices and rituals a full month

#4 Month

Special Souljourney-Teacher: Emilie Cresp.
This month we are looking for your talents and gifts.
What is your medicine?
What is your soul signature?
You carry a very special medicine within you, something that makes you unique,
something that you radiate by nature.
Lets find out, what your superpowers are and how to nourish them in Life.

#5 Month

Sepcial Souljourney-Teacher: Linda Freimuth
This month we will explore all the beautiful doors and options you have now in Life.
We will work around:
HOW to follow your truth every Day.
Minimalism in all aspects of consume of time
Essentialism and decisionmaking
More being than doing
Financial freedom and ways to find your personal path into it

Getting on the Waitlist for the Souljourney in Autumn 2024

The Souljourney is a program for a small group of people to grow.
We love to create a space with personal flaire, with beautiful group experiences and sharing circles, where everybody has a voice.
So the Spots for the Souljourney are limited.

The Souljourney could be for you…

if you want to realign your life with your inner truth
if you want to discover your talents and your superpower
if you want to find out what is possible
if your disorientation annoys you
if you want to discover your very own path of living beyond the norm
If you have big dreams but don’t implement any of them
if you are dissatisfied with your job
if you feel that your past is blocking you
if you feel stuck
if you want to experience shamanic ceremonies with powerful coaching
if you want to release the emotional handbrakes on your development (fears, insecurities)
when you realize that time is running out and your life is finite

If you ask yourself: Was that all? Buy furniture? Make household? Answer emails?
if you want to discover your creativity
if you need inspiration for other lifestyles
if you feel that you are thinking far too small
if you feel that you are not even close to living your potential

Getting on the Waitlist for the Souljourney in Autumn 2024

The Souljourney is a program for a small group of people to grow.
We love to create a space with personal flaire, with beautiful group experiences and sharing circles, where everybody has a voice.
So the Spots for the Souljourney are limited.