Shamanic Training

Awaken your Medicine

In the Mesa School you walk the shamanic path of a Pampa Mesayok – an earth guardian.
Build up your own Medicine Bundle and turn it into an Altar of Light.
You are here because you believe that our relationship with the earth is important for our development as a society on this planet. You are one of many lightbearers of hope that we need so much in these times of change and crisis. You know that you have a deep connection to the earth that needs to be awakened and lived.
Pachamama is calling to remind us who we are!
The world of Andean shamanic tradition awaits you in the Mesa School.

Your Healing Path

The shamanic path, is a path of feeling. Fading your Logic into the background of what you experience, it is about to awaken your senses and perceptions to enter a reality where everything is alive. This perspective opens your heart, our temple where we feel deep respect for the mutual relationship between humans and the cosmos.
Mesa School offers you high quality and very personal Shamanic Programms. Explore the andean medicine of Pachamama and build your Mesa or dive into your SOULJourney to find your own path and to discover your gifts.
Small Online Courses and MP3 Meditations help you to start your own healing Journey.

We are Nature

„I feel that many People these times are longing for more connection with nature. Humanity is not only experiencing a strong climate-crisis or economy-crisis – its rather a soul-crisis with big loss of orientation and authenticity. We lost the connection to ourselves and to the earth. Both is woven together.
Nature is not only our resource for living, also a source of healing, recovery and inspiration. Pachamama creates our unique paths of life, that are only made for us.
She has 4.5 billion years of Earth history – in our bodycells vibrates the memory of our origin. It is time to have a dialog.
Every mountain and every river we talk to, we reawaken the mountains and rivers in ourselves.”


The soul journey focuses on your development and your path. Powerful ceremonies are combined with gentle healing meditations, inspiring teachings and exquisite international guests who travel with us. Here you get a toolbox that will help you to regain your strength and change what has long been inconsistent in your life. If fear and a lack of self-confidence keep preventing you from stretching out and living your dreams, then you can stop here and finally start anew.
I promise you no easy journey – but a healing journey. Your level of fulfillment in your life depends on how connected you are to yourself and how much you are really expressing yourself in your life.
Are you ready to significantly increase this proportion, to feel yourself more and to live yourself? Come with me and many other great people on the soul journey.
Unforgettable 5 months await you.

Online Ceremonies

Shamanic Retreats

Would you like to travel to sacred places with Madita and experience ceremonies and being touched by natural wonders?
Maditas Retreats are a spiritual pilgrimage – every kilometer, every ceremony is dedicated to your path.
Deepen your medicine in private Group-Settings and plant new seeds of growth and healing.

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