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Lets talk about Medicine, Strength and Birds

Medicine Story​

“When I was in my early twenties my Body was a stock of pain. Early in my career as sound engineer and musician my ears went on strike and cried a strong song of Tinnitus.
I had to give up what I loved.
Totally desperate I jobbed as stagemanager, Coffee-Roaster, for Fairtradestores and Wellness-Hotels.
Then, one day, I had a strong spiritual exerience in a Storm in Kroatia. This was the startingpoint for my path with my Andean Teachers. I spend around six years to heal not only my body and my ears, but my inner core. I continued to deepen my medicine and found the most precious path of selfexploration I ever could imagine.”

Until 2021 Madita led the ecological association EM e.V. as managing director. With her first book publication in 2020 she founded her shamanic school (Mesa School), where she shares her Medicine and passes on the traditional knowledge of the Andean Healers.
Madita is Healer, Shamanic Teacher, creative writer, speaker, sound performance Artist and world traveler.
She shares her voice of medicine with us to remember.

Inner Strengh

Madita inspires with her strength and pureness. She is a real lightwarrior in feminine leadership.

“Feeling your truth is the first learning. Then you try to find ways of expressing your joy and speaking your truth. And you find out, that its not always easy. But there is that slight shift that turns your words of truth and your actions into medicine and inspiration for others.”

As embassador of the earth Madita awakens your memory of your relation with Nature. You are interdependent with Nature. Once you allow that dependency as support, your path can unfold.

“If you wanna walk your path of truth, you need the help and power of Mother Earth. Alone you wont make it”, said her teacher once.

Learn to reconnect with nature and you develop unconditional love for yourself.

“With every mountain, every river we speak to,
we speak to the mountains
and rivers within us.”​


“They call me the Mother of the Birds. We all have certain animal connections, right? Mine are my feathered friends. I see and hear Birds, where others don´t. I play flute and the birds start a dialogue. Birds are sensitive to changes and emotions. There is something very healing for me, when I touch a warm feathered friend, that normally flys high up in the sky. Feathers smell so good. Touching an Owls belly, knowing she can hear your heartbeat or feeling the light weight of an hummingbird landing on your finger – Pure Healing.
I was Mama of 17 chicken for 12 years. My Chicken had time and space to develope their unique character. I truly believe all animals are longing to unfolding their Soul, as we humans do too. If we find our mirror in nature, we will protect what touches us so deeply.”

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