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Nusta Initiations Retreat- Switzerland

8. April 2024 @ 8:00 12. April 2024 @ 17:00

7 Goddesses of the Earth

The seven Nusta initiations are beautiful ceremonies of the earth’s feminine energies. Experience the beauty and healing of the ancient Andean rituals in the middle of the mountains of Switzerland.

5 day retreat in the yurt village in Luthern-Bad in the middle between Bern and Zurich.
Experience mountains, babbling streams, close to nature in the yurt, powerful ceremonies and community.

1.500 € incl. accomodation and full Day Food

Mo 08. April – Fr. 12. April 2024

5 days together in the yurt village in Luthern-Bad in the middle between Bern and Zurich.
Seminar starts: Monday, April 8th, 3 p.m
Seminar ends: Friday, April 12th at 1 p.m. after lunch
The yurt village has a seminar yurt for us, a dining yurt and also a sauna yurt that we will use one evening. We collect wood together and prepare our sauna ritual. Overnight stay in a group yurt for 6 people. (The cozy yurts are equipped with folding mattresses – please bring your own sheets, sleeping bags and towels).
Full board in the yurt village

What are the Nusta Karpay?

The Nusta Karpay are a traditional andean initiation series into the feminine energies of the earth.
The Nusta were once holy priestesses, star messengers who disappeared into the lakes and mountains. Even today, the shamans of Peru know about the places where a Nusta disappeared and where one can connect with its healing power. Ancient Andean legends tell of mermaids spotted in mountain lagoons.

The Nustas power places can be found along the Andes, from Lake Titicaca up to Mount Ausangate in the Cuzco region. In many Inca temple still remain small temples in the form of waterbaths and water basins dedicated to the Nustas. The Nusta energies are important energies of Andean cosmology and part of the traditional Medicine Bundle.

How do the Nusta Initiations help you?

These seven Rituals helping you to restore Balance into your body and emotional body. The Rituals work with your seven Chakras, cleanse them, help to release emotional storages and allow you to experience new ways of how you hold the feminine Balance in yourself.
Every Nusta carries a different medicine and helps you to bring those topics into transformation in yourself.
Have a look on the headlines of each Ritual and imagine to reset your frame concept of how you hold this energy in your life.
Initiations are direct energy transmissions that allow you a direct and unique experience which leads to selfimage expansion.

Mama Ocllo
Goddess of light and grounding that brings the light deep from within into surface
Dona Mujia
Mother of Water that opens up the energy of grace and dissolving ego patterns
Mama Simona
Goddess of our roots that establish a sense of HOME in yourself
Dona Teresa
Goddess of the heart and softness that dearmors and opens up
Maria Sakapana
Goddess of communication and inner truth that helps you to feel compassion for what you fear and to release unexpressed emotions
Juana Wamantiklla
Goddess of your inner clarity and vision
Tomasa Wamantiklla
Goddess of freedom and transformation – feel her and be surprised how peaceful freedom can be