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Pleiadean Initiations Retreat Germany

7. November 2024 10. November 2024

Sacred Star Ceremonies

The Pleiadean Initiations are one of the most important Ritual Series in the Andean tradition in which you connect to your Souls origin of the stars.
In this 4-day workshop we travel together to the heart of the Pleiades and your star home.
Begin Thursday 07th Nov | 10:00
End Sunday 10th Nov | 13:30
1.200 €
PLUS Accomodation and Food

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Gift yourself a some charging days in our shamanic community. Bring your shamanic path onto the next level of centeredness, wisdom and peace within.
Together we create a container beyond time and space in which we immerse ourselves in the star energies – we travel across the galaxy to return centered, blessed, strengthened, grown and with inner clearity.

It is my intention to give you an intensive experience. Every day you experience two ceremonies. We hold sharing circles for our integration process as your topics will be moved throughout the Retreat. You will receive feedback and tips for your process and the Pleiadean initiations will help you to align with your soul and heart.

We start our workshop on Thursday morning at 10:00 and end Sunday after lunch at around 1:30 p.m.
Location: Zürnshof Sottrum (close to Bremen)

What are the Pleiadean Initiations?

The Pleiades are a very well-known constellation both in our culture and in the Andes. There are many legends and myths surrounding the so-called “7 sisters”. In Peru, the stars of the Pleiades have been a roadmap for farmers’ sowing and harvesting seasons. But the meaning of the Pleiades goes far beyond a farming calendar.
The Paqos say that we come from the stars and they consider the Pleiades as their home. Traditionally the Pleiadian Initiations are a Masterclass for Students who walk the Path of a the Andean shaman. But also my Masters become more open to share their sacred memory of our origin with those who seek.
As guardians of this star tradition, they have preserved the connection to the Pleiades and maintained ancient meditations and ceremonies to pass on their energy transmissions. These transmissions are called “Karpays” and are personally passed on from teacher to student. It is an honor to share this traditional sacred space of the Pleiadean initiations and connect with each and every star in beautiful rituals.

Growing your Healing Skills

The Pleiadean initiations are one of the most important initiation series in the Andean tradition. Receiving these transmissions deepens your relationship with your Mesa (shamanic Altar), but also elevates your healing skills and your healing repertoire to a whole new level.
You will experience the individual Pleiadean energies in our ceremonies and will be able to remember them very clearly. Your personal experiences in the initiations are your bridge to connect with the Pleiades long after our Retreat.
Your experiences become your very own connection to the stars.
You can then continue to meditate with the Pleiades or call them into healing sessions. Your repertoire as a healer grows through your initiations. But your self-healing and meditations will also become stronger, deeper and more aligned.