Sound, voice and words create medicine spaces.
Since ancient times humanity shared stories around fire. Indigenous families shared their wisdom by telling stories, by singing songs by teaching their children the flute and their prayers. In this way of sharing we share the voice of our heart, we share the memory of our mystical origin that has been passed on verbally for thousands of years.
Remembering who we are, where we come from, what our Soul is, is the most needed medicine these times in the world. Reclaiming our memory who we are in our body, who we were before without our body and why we are here.
Your body will remember the sounds, you may feel differently, you may find peace, you may feel complete, you may feel a strong sense of belonging. Remembering is a unique process to find your answers.

I am happy to share my medicine all over the world, on my own or in beautiful collaborations.
Feel free to conenct with me, as artist, as healer, as videographer, as writer, as Retreat Center or Festival organizer.

Full Moon Ceremony Bali

Collaboration with my shamanic sister T´ameaux and Bali Flow Temple Ubud