Northernlights 2023 – Shamanic Retreat

This Northern Lights trip is a highlight in 2023.
Travel with me to the Arctic Circle and experience the Pleiades Initiations in the face of the Northern Lights.
In Stockholm we take the mystical Polar Express and wake up in the snow the next morning.
Experience 8 days of adventure in Abisko National Park, with the legendary Aurora Sky Station - one of the most famous viewing stations for the Aurora Borealis.
A unique program is waiting for you - you experience the Pleiades initiations live - every day we go to our ceremony together while the northern lights appear outside. In the morning we explore nature, hike in the snow, ride husky sleds across frozen mountain lakes, visit a Sami village, pet reindeer, enjoy the Swedish sauna, eat together and have a good time.
The trip is an open offer - you don't need to have a Mesa for it. Come with me on the northern lights journey - your spiritual travel experience 2023